If you’re looking for ways to make homeschooling a little bit more fun and to slow things down for a bit, why not add tea time to your daily routine? It’s a great way to take a break between lessons and can be done in the comfort of your own home. In this blog post, we’ll explore what it takes to host an enjoyable tea time with your children each day.


A tea party during the homeschool day provides a special time to slow down, appreciate each other’s company, and learn to appreciate poetry, stories, art, or music, without stress. It is an effective way to add extra subjects to the homeschool curriculum, making reading fun for both reluctant and enthusiastic readers. Furthermore, this time can promote a sense of routine and structure, provides a break from academic activities, and encourages socialization skills. The children can recharge and return to their studies with renewed focus and energy.

Incorporating tea time into the homeschool day also serves as a learning opportunity, where children can learn about different types of teas and herbs, where they come from, and how they are made; adding a touch of tradition and elegance to the homeschool experience.

My kids love learning about herbs. When we found Learning Herbs, we fell in love with their Herb Fairy books and their board game. These have become wonderful additions to our tea time. This is a great way to create meaningful memories for the family that will last a lifetime. Another great resource to find some inspiration is the Tea Time magazine. It is a magazine full of ideas, beautiful lay outs, and various recipes to try.


Choosing the right day and time for this activity is an important consideration in incorporating it into the homeschool routine. It’s best to pick a time when everyone is not feeling rushed or stressed, such as mid-afternoon when energy levels tend to dip. Consider scheduling it on a regular day each week, like every Friday afternoon tea time, or everyday in the afternoon, whatever works for your family! This will create a sense of routine and anticipation.

It’s also important to consider the individual schedules and preferences of each family member to ensure everyone can participate. Whether it’s a mid-morning break or an after-lunch treat, the key is to find a time that works best for your family and stick to it to create a cherished tradition. It also doesn’t have to just be a Monday through Friday thing, though (and in our house, it’s not a guaranteed a once a week event, but we try our best to do it!).

Incorporating Poetry

Incorporating poetry is a great way to add some enchantment to your homeschool day. Tea time can be a special and memorable anchoring event for your family, and poetry is the perfect activity to include. I have a hard time getting my kids to sit and listen to poetry but when we read it with our tea, they love it! You can explore themes such as nature, friendship, or family, or find resources like poetry books and websites to provide material.

For example, PoetryTeatime.com offers a wide selection of poems for all ages, as well as engaging activities and discussion starters. You can also find plenty of great books at your local library or book store that are full of classic and modern poetry selections. Additionally, many museums and libraries offer programs or classes on poetry appreciation and analysis if you want to take tea time to the next level. With the right drinks and treats, you can create an enjoyable atmosphere that will make your children look forward to this time each week.

You can also add extra homeschool subjects to make it a special school time in the afternoon. This is a great way to fit in extra learning and make the most of your time. You could use the same theme from your poetry teatime and choose topics related to it, such as science, history, geography, or art. You could also use the this time as an opportunity for your kids to practice important skills such as critical thinking. This could also be an excellent time to practice mindfulness with your kids.

What Drinks and Treats to Serve

Tea is the traditional drink, but you don’t have to stick to it if your kids don’t like hot tea. If this is the case, why not offer something cold like a flavored iced tea or juice? You can also offer a variety of treats such as fresh fruit, cookies, scones, or pastries. My kids always vote for a delicious cucumber sandwich!

Don’t forget to add in some special touches like pretty dishes, flower petals, and chocolates! And of course, don’t forget the books! Gathering poetry books from your local library or used bookstore can be a fun activity for your family in preparation. A book that may be nice to add to your home library collection is Afternoon Tea by Laura Mason. This is a great book to get started with tea time. We also went on a trip to the local thrift store to pick out some fun cups because thrift stores always have such a unique collection.

Creating the Atmosphere

Creating an atmosphere is a great way to make the experience even more special. Setting the dining room table with a tablecloth, fancy china, and fresh flowers can help create an atmosphere of elegance and sophistication. Having snacks and drinks that go along with the theme of the day is also a great way to make tea time feel special. You do not have to go all out for tea time, though. Even something as simple as carrot sticks and milk can make for a memorable tea time experience!

Our Typical Tea Time

  1. Kids get dressed up if they want
  2. They come to the table or outside, wherever we have decided to have it that day
  3. They word on their placemat (see example below), this is a good way for me to keep track of what we have done and if they enjoyed the activity. They also love coloring so that helps!
  4. We serve tea and snacks
  5. While they drink tea and eat I will read or put on music
  6. If doing art we will do this after we eat
  7. We all clean up and put the stuff away so we are ready for next tea time

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