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I’ve been homeschooling my kids for a few years now, and I’ve noticed that the some homeschool tips keep coming up. From having a strict schedule to sticking to a rigid curriculum, these tips are widely known as a way to successfully homeschool a child. But I’m here to tell you that these tips aren’t the only way to go and they may not work for every family-they didn’t for mine. So here are 5 some that I refuse to follow and the alternative ways we’ve been homeschooling.


When I started homeschooling my kids, I saw that were so many “rules”. I was overwhelmed by the number of tips that I was received and that I should follow in order to make my homeschooling experience successful.

After a while, I realized that these tips weren’t actually helping me and my family. They were either too rigid and or didn’t allow for any personal touches to it. I knew that if I wanted to make homeschooling work for my family, I had to come up with my own rules. I realize that a lot of people at times, who are just starting out, myself included, want to make the homeschool experience mimic a school setting, but that isn’t the only way to go.

I started looking at different ways to make homeschooling more enjoyable for my kids and for myself. I looked at different teaching methods and curriculums, and I experimented with different strategies for keeping my kids engaged and motivated. I also took into account my own needs as a homeschooling parent. I wanted to make sure that I was still able to spend quality time with my children and provide them with the individualized attention they deserved.

Tip #1: Stick to a Strict Schedule

The first homeschooling tip I refused to follow was the idea that I had to stick to a strict schedule. This approach to homeschooling often involves creating a detailed plan for each day and sticking to it no matter what. But this approach can be too rigid and doesn’t allow for any flexibility. It stressed me out and the kids. There is no reason, in my opinion, to follow a strict schedule.

My alternative tip is to come up with a general plan for the week and then let the days unfold with some flexibility. This approach allows me to adjust the plan when needed, and it gives us the freedom to explore new ideas and topics without feeling like are getting behind.

Another tip I like to follow is to create a routine but not a schedule. I try to create a consistent rhythm for my kids so that they know what to expect and when. We are working on our morning routine, which includes, hygiene, morning basket time, then breakfast. This allows everyone to get up at their own pace and gives them something productive to do while waiting for breakfast. As they get older, the routine will evolve with them to probably include breakfast on their own unless we are having a family breakfast.

I remember reading something awhile back that said if you are having a hard time getting a morning routine going then just start with one thing at a time. For example, if you want to have your morning routine be: wash face, work out, coffee, breakfast by 7 am then start with the first one on the list until you can do that without thinking about it. Then add the next one. And so on until you have the routine you want.

Finally, I try to make sure that I’m not too strict about the amount of time I spend on bookwork/ worksheets each day. I want to make sure that my kids are getting the education they need, but I also want to make sure that we’re spending a well rounded amount of time on things we all enjoy. They are only kids once after all.

Tip #2: Stick to a Strict Curriculum

The second homeschooling tip I refused to follow was the idea that I had to stick to a strict curriculum. This approach often involves picking a curriculum and then sticking to it without making any changes or adjustments. But this approach can be too restrictive and doesn’t allow for any issues that may arise if your kiddos don’t like the curriculum.

The idea is to create a curriculum that works for your family. I like to look at different curriculums and select the ones that work best for my kids and our family lifestyle. I also like to supplement our curriculum with other materials, such as books and online resources, that my kids can explore on their own. It is ok to pick and chose what you want to use. There is nothing saying that you have to pick just one and stick to it. You also can just drop a curriculum if it isn’t working for you or your kids.

I also make sure to give my kids plenty of opportunities to explore their interests. I want to make sure that my kids are learning, but I also want to make sure that they’re having fun and exploring the world around them. If I am using a curriculum that doesn’t leave room for extra activities or room to breath honestly then it isn’t a good choice for us.

Tip #3: Establish a Rigid Grading System

Next, I refused to follow was the idea that I had to establish a rigid grading system. This approach often involves assigning grades to each assignment and then keeping track of those grades in a grade book. But this approach can be too time-consuming and isn’t necessary at the ages my children are at. I will revisit this when my kids are in high school.

My alternative tip is to focus on the process of learning rather than the outcome. I try to give my kids feedback and encouragement as they work on their assignments and projects, rather than assigning them a grade. Math for example, we will go over the questions right after they complete and correct any that are wrong together, so yes, they may have gotten some wrong but we fixed them and now they know what to do the next time.

Tip #4: Don’t Let Your Kids Take Breaks

I refuse to follow the idea that I had to keep my kids working all day and not let them take any breaks. This goes along with a strict schedule, but this can be too exhausting and doesn’t allow for any rest.

We make sure that we are getting plenty of breaks throughout the day. I do not control the breaks anymore, they can eat or do what they need to do as they need. This helps to keep them focused and motivated to keep learning in the moment.

I also like to make sure that my kids have plenty of time to do the things they love. I know that if my kids are feeling burned out or overwhelmed, they won’t be able to focus on their learning. So, I make sure to incorporate plenty of time for my kids to do the things they enjoy, such as playing video games, crafting, or reading books.

Finally, I like to make sure that my kids get plenty of fresh air and exercise throughout the day. I try to make sure that my kids are getting outside and getting some physical activity, which helps them to stay focused and energized. Sometimes we just take the subject outside that day. Or just cancel ‘school’ and go play in the rain. This is ok to do!

Tip#5: Not Following Your Kids interests

I love to include my children’s interests! The approach that doesn’t often involves sticking to a strict curriculum and not allowing for any exploration or experimentation.

I want to make sure that my kids have plenty of opportunities to explore their interests. I want to make sure that my kids are learning, but I also want to make sure that they’re having fun and exploring the world around them. After all, the world is their classroom!

I also noticed that my kids might not know what they are interested in. I make it a point to introduce them to new things as often as I can. The library, online, and local organizations can help give kids opportunities to get plenty of chances to be creative and to express themselves.

Homeschool Tips Conclusion

I believe that homeschooling should be an enjoyable experience for both the parent and the child. I don’t believe in following the something that may be working for someone else just because it may be said to be the best way. I believe in creating a homeschooling experience that works for my family and our lifestyle.

I’ve tried a lot of different approaches to homeschooling, and I’ve found that my own tips are the ones that work best for my family. I believe in creating a flexible schedule and curriculum that allows my kids to explore their interests and express themselves in their own unique ways. I also believe in taking breaks and doing the things my kids love.

These are the tips I follow when it comes to homeschooling my kids. I am sure as my kids grow, what we do day to day will change but for now what we are doing is working great. I hope that you can take some of my suggestions and use them to create a successful homeschooling experience for your family. Remember, just because it works for one family, doesn’t mean it will work for all. Every child and family is different and has different needs. This is the beauty of homeschooling; you can do what you want!

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